Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0, what is it actually? This is a marketing term which, as part of the German government's high-tech strategy, is intended to mark the next major step in industrial production: The combination of production with modern communication and information technologies.

If even modern production plants are running isolated from other operational processes, or if only a few areas are connected with logistics or quality assurance, all production-relevant processes can be linked in real time. Virtual images of the manufacturing process allow optimization tests without disrupting ongoing production. Maintenance logistics runs just-in-time. Assistance systems help people to make the right decisions.

With modern sensors and industrial communication technology, existing production facilities can be easily led into this future. The electrical connections are realized with powerful connector systems. Manufacturers of sensors already connect their products with our M8 and M12 sensor connectors as standard. With innovative solutions from HoTec, even complex installation situations can be designed with ease.

The powerful power supply of entire production modules is provided via connections with HoTec M12 power connectors. M12 connectors with X-coding from HoTec are components of 10 Gbit/s Ethernet networks in harsh industrial environments.

Small RFID sensors with M8 connector connection enable product or tool tracking throughout the entire production line. Measuring and testing devices with camera inspection are connected to the control systems via HoTec M8 connectors.

These are some examples of many possibilities with HoTec. We are helping to shape the future of intelligently networked systems. HoTec supplies tailor-made products for new standards.

M12 connector from HoTec in the industry 4.0 model factory of the Dresden University of Applied Sciences