Circular connectors with metric M12 screw locking are available with various codings. This allows different applications to be operated with the same connector system without the connectors being plugged in the wrong way.

M12 connectors with A coding are the leading international connector system for connecting sensors and actuators. These connectors with up to 17 contacts are standardized, robust and easy to handle. A- and B-coded M12 connectors with shielding are used in fieldbuses, while Ethernet networks are connected with D-coded (100 Mbit/s) and X-coded (10 Gbit/s) M12 connectors.

The possible applications in power electronics are relatively new. K-, L-, S- and T-coded M12 connectors offer solid and space-saving connection options for power supply in DC or AC voltage systems. The current strength can be up to 16 A.

HoTec develops and produces a comprehensive range of M12 connectors: Flange and chassis connectors for device mounting, distribution systems and connecting cables with moulded M12 connectors. The focus is always on the application of our customers. We deliver tailor-made solutions.

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